scorpionfish review.

Everything felt either rigidly compartmentalized or limitless. [First and foremost, thank you to Tin House Books for the Advanced Copy received through NetGalley.] This book is out July 7th, 2020! Natalie Bakopoulos is a master of nostalgic writing. Scorpionfish is a dreamy and engaging novel of time in between larger moments, and the relationships we … Continue reading scorpionfish review.

ghost wall review.

“Lights blind you; there’s a lot you miss by gathering at the fireside.” TW: abuse Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss is a dark and powerful novella filled with nature, perseverance, history, and shattering perspectives.  Silvie spends two weeks of summer with her parents in the North of England, attempting to live like Iron Age Britons. … Continue reading ghost wall review.