heart berries review.

This memoir/ collection of essays was something else. I’ve never read stories that convey so much love and incredibly deep pain. This book is not one to read if you are looking for sunshine and rainbows.

I finished reading this last night and wasn’t ready to let Terese Mailhot’s words go. She is an indigenous woman with an extremely traumatic past. Her stories are heart wrenching and raw, but so real. 

Mailhot’s way with intense language and brilliant storytelling completely enthralled me. The descriptions of her world is completely unique. She tells her life story as a soul-searching dialogue that moves towards self-acceptance by means of the new definition of herself. 

“Nothing is too ugly for this world, I think. It’s just that people pretend not to see.”

She lays everything out for you to see, because life is ugly, but there is something beautiful in that fact. 

“You think weakness is a problem. I want to be torn apart by everything.”

Her words shocked me at times. To the point that I needed to set the book down and take a breather to something happier. But I would return to the stories and become enchanted by what Mailhot had to say. 

“To ascend there must be a dark, a descent.”

I am deeply impressed with this book.  I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a soul-searching, breathtaking, and ultimately healing collection of essays. 

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