what i read this summer.

Two books, two e-books, one poetry book, one audio book, and a smattering of literary magazines. I wish I could say that I read more this summer, but this is what I accomplished. It’s worth noting that my free time was spent reading between working as a barista, moving, starting a new writing job, and just life in general. It’s also worth noting that I enjoyed the pace that I read at. Sometimes I feel the pressure to meet deadlines I’ve made for myself to get fresh new content out for this little blog, but when I do that I lose the enjoyment of reading for what it is.

I’d have days where as soon as my body hit my mattress I passed out. Other times I wanted to play some video games, or watch some Youtube to mindlessly unwind for the day. I don’t regret the time I spent not reading.

I love reading so much and it really is a hobby of mine. The unbridled joy of walking into a bookstore and finding a new read. Cozying up with a book, blanket, and a good drink. I love being able to add another book to my shelf and expand my collection.

So I shouldn’t feel guilty. But I do. I’m working on that.

This blog is a place that I’m slowly building to become a home for all that I have read. And that’s really lovely to me. I hope you all enjoy reading what I write and my recap of what I read this summer.

Normal People // Sally Rooney
A profoundly lonely and depressing love story.

The Goldfinch // Donna Tartt
I’m so ready for the movie this fall.

How to Come Alive Again // Beth McColl
Insightful, heartbreaking, and healing.

Sea of Strangers // Lang Leav
A little poetry collection covering all stages of love.

Where the Crawdads Sing // Delia Owens
Just finished this on Audible, absolutely excellent.

Wild // Cheryl Strayed
A review will be coming soon!

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