storyteller: 100 poem letters review.

Sadly, we have reached the end of national poetry month. I am so glad that I chose to delve into this series because it opened my reading realm. Before starting this I was truly intimidated by poetry. I didn’t believe I was smart or savvy enough to comprehend it. Now I know I was wrong. Each poetry book I read gave me fresh perspectives and a new appreciation for language in general. Going forward I hope to add to my small collection and fall even more in love with poetry.

I have saved the very best for last. Known for her illuminating and kind messages, Morgan Harper Nichols is my favorite. Her words have made me smile, cry, feel hopeful for the future. She has a way with words and making you feel like everything will be okay. No matter what is going on with your life, she has a way to put your mind at ease.

Honestly I could go on and on about my love for her work. I know it has made a large impact in my life. Her style is original and influential in the way I write. This collection is comprised of poems in the format of letters. Each one was written with someone in mind that may have reached out to her with a difficulty they are having in life. Nichols words are ones of encouragement and comfort.

A few weeks ago I saw a sale on her book and the option to have them signed. I’ve never made a purchase so fast. I felt immense joy the day it arrived in the mail. Nichols wrote in the front cover, “To Sarah: for the journey.” Her words have made me feel like I am prepared for the journey, whatever that may be.

For the one with high hopes for seasons to come:

Hear the wind as it howls around you
over the ridges and into the valley
where you stand in the drying weeds,
with a sense of new days coming.
See the setting sun
turning barren lands
into rows of endless yellow
that now has you thinking,
maybe the change of a season
is more than sorrow,
but a leap, a promise
for hope

For the one who’s past rises in his mind far too often:

When you stumble on old vices
you are free to leave them there,
for not everything that rises
is worthy of your care.
So with every step you take,
run a shadow in the ground.
Dwell not on darker days
for things are different now.

For the year:

When you start to feel
like things should have
been better this year,
remember the mountains and valleys
that got you here.
They are not accidents,
and those moments weren’t in vain.
You are not the same.
You have grown, and you are growing,
you are breathing, you are living,
you are wrapped in
And things will get better.
There is more to you
than yesterday.

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