yesterday i was the moon review.

If you’ve visited a book store recently you’ll find them teeming with contemporary poetry books such as milk and honey or pillow thoughts. The rise of this sub-type of poetry has become quite popular. I for one, find it extremely exciting. When I first started getting into poetry I was put-off by the ancient looking texts available. It all felt too heavy. I wanted something that was slightly easier to comprehend or at least connect with emotionally.

yesterday i was the moon by Noor Unnahar was the perfect collection of poetry for me to break into this genre. It is filled with a variety of themes including art, people, home, courage, self-love, strength, culture, acceptance and survival.

They layout alone is stunning. The poems are paired with gorgeous black and white illustrations. It gives the feel of a diary format.

The poems capture so much and Unnahar is a master of conveying emotions. Her writing truly connected with me and gave me hope. Unnahar’s honesty and truthfulness leaves me with anticipation for whenever her next collection will be released.

These three poems stirred the most emotion in myself and I hope you all find something within these for yourselves.

i am building
a house

where the floor is
made up of strength
where the walls are
crafted of ambition
where the roof is
a masterpiece of forgiveness

i am building

self-discovery isn’t always
about the most convenient ways
you’ll have to burn, learn, and yearn
the unexpected, the unusual, and the unknown

last night i whispered
a thank you note to the universe
for it made oceans and stars
equally beautiful and accessible
for all of us; i breathe the same air
as the people i love and the people i lose
the particles of their existence are still
surrounding me and this is how loneliness
doesn’t know how to find me alone

{a thank you note to the universe}

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